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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  December 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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area celebrated christmas in the weather no match for holiday traditions, the bay area celebrated christmas in spite of heavy downpours. all eyes on a massive -- the effort all day to make sure it didn't get worse. a bittersweet christmas, two families are trying to put the tragedy behind them. a rare white christmas in parts of the country, what the snow is doing to some holiday travel tonight. good evening, merry christmas. it was a go watcher as expected. heavy rains and strong winds flew in this christmas day, this appear -- it disappeared almost as fast. for a few hours it was a rough
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ride on the road and miserable day to the outside, unless, of course, you were into the try state. let's check in to see what the storm is doing right now. >> it was a wild ride around the bay area. as it's moving through we had some very heavy rain fall, strong gusty winds over 50 miles an hour, those winds have started to calm down. still we're left with a couple of showers. lighter activity downtown. a stronger storm just off the coastline, this one is about to move on shore, north bay area watch out. you're going to start see more rain and that could be moderate to heavy amounts of rain fall. there's a possibility of isolated thunderstorm. more scattered showers south, along heavier moisture making its way up. that cold front headed up there bringing in more rain in central valley. guess what, lots in the high
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country if you're traveling that way. make sure you bring plenty of snow flakes. lots of snow flakes up there. how about these rain amounts, checking in over inch and a half as well. over an inch of rain there's more to come, we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes, back to you. this christmas day didn't -- it did cause some concern where the clean up from a sewage spill isn't complete, that can make a look on how contractors can make a close watch. a rainstorm soaked christmas day all over the bay area. >> beautiful day. >> but not the spirit. >> the weather is great right now we'll take it for what it is. >> reporter: this mountain biker came to check out the waves in the head lands. holiday drivers splashed through wet roadways in a area
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where an urban small stream and flood watch was in effect for most of the afternoon. the creek stayed within its banks, but about a dozen contractors were out near a scene watching to make sure there was no toxic creek flowing. >> we were trying to keep the pipes up and running, so the sewer system doesn't leak again. >> reporter: the emergency work on the system was finished last night, but the temporary pipe system and its watchdog will remain through the weekend just in case. >> somebody has got to do it. >> reporter: they're giving special treatment, neighbors dropping off holiday treats an autotuesday that keeps people warm. >> it's really -- to see how beautiful the area is and being -- >> and another piece of good news, we were out here along
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highway 101 watching the lucky drive of one of the infamous flooding spots it never got very bad. cbs5. >> today's storm did cause problems in other parts of the state, 70-mile an hour winds knocked down power poles. and that caused an outage to 1500 customers. apparently recent rains has soaked the ground. crews are out rest of the day. victims of mud slides for the rains in southern california are watching the werth tonight. -- weather tonight. some are trying to salvage what they can buried in several feet of mud. more rain means they'll likely remain evacuated. >> i can't enjoy dinner. it's a nightmare. >> residents say this was a disaster waiting to happen
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after a channel carrying water down the hill was encased in concrete and rerouted away from the natural flow of the river. families are celebrating christmas after shattered pipeline explosion more than 3 months ago. how they're helping each other move beyond the tragedy. >> reporter: christmas is bright outside this house and inside as well. this is a gather of family and friends who have shared an experience. they survived the fire that destroyed parts of their neighborhood. >> that's what holidays are all about, homes, families, you know, that's the way it is. i will think that, you know, kind of feel a little sad if it's not. >> it's hard every day. every day you know that
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something is not right in the neighborhood. in fact i took my sister there today, it's devastating. every time you go by there, you relive it. >> reporter: on september 9th a pg and e gas line exploded destroying 37 homes and killing 8. tammy managed to escape but not before picking up joseph, the 19-year-old was burn trying to save his girlfriend jessica. she didn't make it. and joseph survived only because she stopped her car. >> we went and saw him a few days ago. my daughter and i went to the hospital. he looked great. >> reporter: do you feel like the two of you will always have a connection? >> always. >> reporter: the house still stands. >> i'm happy that we're here. we're sad because our neighbors should be too. there's no rhyme or reason why we're here and they're not. >> reporter: this family was
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celebrating. all that remains is a lonely shed and small section of fence. >> dealing with the issues is very painful. it's very painful to sit and think about everything you lost. >> just a block away, they rent a house. they can't even fathom when they'll be able to rebuild and move bah into their own home. >> sometimes it's hard. >> i don't know. i feel so unreal and i guess i feel if i keep looking at it long enough it will feel real, but it still doesn't. >> a reality that's even tougher to face during the holidays. in sanbruno, cbs5. >> checking other bay area headlines, fso is denying allegations that security at the airport is lacking, by a pilot. mike says the story posted on youtube are baseless and misleading. the pilot who is no longer
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based in san francisco showed what he called examples of lacked security. fso meets even exceeds federal standards. the federal highway patrol is refusing to release the city county man. he was pulled over thursday night for alleged speeding and driving erratically. a field sobriety test was administered and later blood test. preliminary test results indicate that it was at least .08, which under the law is considered intoxicated. and holiday drivers are facing some of the highest gas prices in 2 years. the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.28 according to aaa. in san francisco it's 3.37. in sansay it's 3.31. in oakland, it's 3.30.
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driving or flying, it's not easy getting from here to there, a strong storm is heading for the northeast and southeast is experiencing a rare white christmas. michael has the ripple effect that's having on travel plans. >> it's a rare white christmas, a pretty picture but not necessarily what holiday travelers on the road and in the air want to say. >> i feel sad. >> this family showed up not knowing their flight to atlanta was canceled. >> it was something that i really needed. we'll have to come back on monday. >> the storm that causing a problem is the same system that dumped snow on sections of the midwest friday. the storm is moving off the east coast and could complicate travel from washington to new england for those trying to return home sunday. travel has also been difficult in parts of europe this christmas because of heavy snow
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fall. >> i didn't see my family for five years and i was hoping that i will see them. it's not going to happen tonight of course. >> some passengers slept on cots as they waited out for delays, not exactly a merry christmas. michael for cbs news new york new jersey. >> they're rescheduling flights without paying a penalty. bay area tradition was a timely -- christmas day meal that comes more with turkey and gravy. when help is needed most, commitment of those who keep going in it. >> what do you think your daughter will say? >> with her father deployed a 5- year-old girl played santa. why she did it and who received her christmas present. inside es
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knitted scarves waiting for a home today... and the hundreds of people who showed up at st. anthony's in san piles of hand nitted carves waiting. hundreding of people who showed up where they were a lucky recipient. each person who came for a male went home. made sure the gift and meal made it feel like they were part of a family. san francisco glenn was filled with the christmas spirit. rocked "silent night" during the services. and behind the scenes, 500 volunteers worked to prepare and serve a feast with all the trimmings. many volunteer year after year. 14:23:50 "oh, it's wonderful, my whole family is here..opportunity to give, that's whas xmas is all about."butt to: 14:24:45 "i can't tell you -- it fills my heart to be able to do this every year." butt to: 14:25:45 "when you're at your lowest point, there's alway someone lower, so it's really great to give back" on christmas day, glide serves dinner to more than 5-thousand hungry and homeless people.. the congregation rocks at night. behind the scenes, 500 volunteers was prepared to serve a feast. many volunteers year after
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year. >> we have the opportunity to give and serve others. that's what christmas is all about. >> i can't tell you. >> it's always somebody that's lower. it's always great to give back. >> they served dinner to more than 35,000 hungry and homeless people. a special christmas delivery at bay area hospital today, not from -- littliest helper. a 5-year-old girl who is spreading holiday cheer to other kids. it's in honor of her dad. it may not look like santa that she signed in, but there are lots of toys and goodies for little girls and boys. it's not santa making this delivery, the little five-year- old, why, you ask, she says, it's because of her daddy. >> where is he right now?
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>> in afghanistan. >> does it make you sad that he's not here on christmas? >> yes. >> reporter: she wanted to do something fun her father works in a hospital, she came up with the idea to -- >> give presents to the kids. >> at the children's hospital in oakland. >> because they not get anything for christmas. >> reporter: >> what do you think your daddy will say. >> when she told her husband of
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their christmas plan, it was difficult for them to talk. >> it's really touching, it's hard enough to be away from home. it touches on how sweet she is. >> reporter: for those who know her. >> this is how she is every single day, giving and loving. >> reporter: proving she's learned a valuable lesson this christmas, it's always better to give than to receive. >> she really has a great heart. another special toy delivery in san francisco today, there -- city firefighters dropping off donated gifts to kids who otherwise might have gone without. the hamilton family center. >> i thought about going inside a panhandle to buy christmas presents this year. i held off -- this is nice to know that people care. >> helping folks and you see the smiles on kids places. >> just last night the firefighters toy drive was short thousands of toys. they put it on an appeal on christmas eve and say they're collecting toys until 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> they supplied 15,000 donations enough to make lots of kids happy. there will be a sunny day ahead, i promise. right now it's still wet outside and still scattered showers. you've got nice band up through the north and that's going to be bringing more rain.
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most of the heaviest amounts have gone on by now. you'll see that working its way up snow across the high country. we're not done with the rain just yet, look at all the cold that is behind it that is shooting toward the bay area. that will keep things going into the better part. for more showers in the forecast as we head into the next 24 maybe to 36 hours. after that things begin to settle down at least 4 days. as you roll through tonight we're keeping scattered showers on and off, as we get through the day tomorrow, you'll see showing up parts of the north bay, they'll have pretty good showers, as you roll to the afternoon that's why it's a little bit further to the south. if you're headed out the door tomorrow, make sure you leave your umbrella with you. not a complete wash out, you want to be prepared. temperatures -- getting low for the next 7 days.
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we are looking at unsettled weather ahead. we've got the showers as we head through tomorrow. monday we'll catch a break. by tuesday another chance of showers tuesday night and wednesday. that will be a pretty good storm give us a nice good soaking. just when it gets cool, i mean it, really cool. we'll see those temperatures talk a big dive here. temperatures getting cold, snow levels down couple thousand feet, maybe lower by late wednesday and thursday, we didn't get a white christmas but' eel see -- we'll see white stuff on the mountains. >> that was fun. thank you. >> you're welcome. it has been a day of christmas celebrations around the world. >> reporter: as the pope made his timeless procession, hundreds of digital cameras captured every step.
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despite heightened security concerns, pope benedict the 16th was able to usher in christmas peacefully. recent package bombings at two embassies as well as security breaches during midnight mass in 2008 and 2009 had put officials on edge. in bethlehem thousands were celebrating not only jesus' birth but one of the area's most peaceful christmas within a decade. >> this is when everything started. >> with help in fighting between israelis and palestinians, 20,000 more tourists were expected this year. while in afghanistan american troops took a break to welcome santa as best they could. >> we're doing a job, we have to be here, but i'd rather be home with my family and friends. >> all around the globe including saint patrick's cathedral in new york, family, friends and strangers gathered to celebrate their faith and to
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teach the next generation the true meaning of christmas. karen brown, cbs news. it is a tough day to be a long way from home. >> it's my first christmas away from home here in iraq. they gave us beautiful decorations and we're really enjoying it. >> more on how you and soldiers are created to special holiday season.
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killed at least 45 people. president obama is condemning the suicide bombing in pakistan that killed at least 45 people. the bomber was a woman wearing a -- she targeted hundreds of people lined up for rationing coupons at 8th center in northwest. it's the latest strike against the government control on the afghanistan border. american troops are spending christmas far from home. they got plenty of holiday spirit to help them get through
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the day. troops stationed around the world welcome christmas with celebration. some soldiers visit it had australian embassy. >> we're here for christmas dinner and we're honored to oblige. we're over here making some new fred. >> reporter: they post pictures in very own way. >> it's my first christmas away from home here in iraq. they gave us beautiful decorations we're really enjoying it. so next year i look forward to spending with it my family. >> they participated in a holiday break. it can be a time for -- >> i think about family and i think about all the soldiers that are here missing their family. >> reporter: santa stopped at a base in afghanistan during a holiday performance. they also got a chance to attend a church service. president obama thanked the
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country's troops while delivering his weekly address alongside the first lady. >> we're thinking of them. and america will for ever be here for them just as they've been there for us. >> reporter: he asked americans to do what they can to support u.s. troops. kendis gibson, cbs news. former marine received an incredible christmas gift from a relative he never met. he has a melanoma that spread to his brain. he's going to raise money, he decided to raffle off his prize 1966 mustang, a cousin he never met followed his progress and bought a ticket. when she won the car, she graciously gave it right back to john. >> i knew when i bought the ticket there was no way i would ever ticket, how can you take something so sentimental, everything that they've gone through and everything they've gone through. >> there are people out there
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that are really good people. >> they are planning a family reunion to meet for the very first time. the warriors playing a rare christmas gay -- day game. a great game in phoenix, cowboys and cardinals went to the wire. sports minute in about a minute.
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le do you have to save?
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colts.. the niners are in st. louis.. complete covera reaction raiders and 9ers both need wins to stay alive. complete coverage and post game reaction on the 5th quarter tomorrow at 4:00. christmas day all about the nba warriors hosting portland down most of the night but they
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reeled off at 11-0 run. wright with the steel, warriors by 2. second later, found reggie williams, who are yarrs beat the blazers by 109-102. lakers show down in la, dwayne wade blows the dunk. chases it and goes into the front row. wiping out the heat and tv reporter jim gray. i agree with you. way up in the boones. lebron james had it together. 27 points on his way to triple double. miami crushed the lakers by 15. the magic rally late. completes the come back, magic win 86-78. nfl on christmas night, cowboys back up, even mcgee to miles austin, 45-yard touchdown with less than two minutes to play. the cardinals get into field goal range, 48 yards away. az over the boys 27-20.
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>> that's it. we have a whole bunch more sports on cbs5. her race -- merry christmas everybody. good night. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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